Formilli Fendi Winery

Fendi-anteprima-600x900-951898Wine is among the range of “Made in Italy” products that are
garnering worldwide renown: it is, in fact, an undisputed star. This is not only
due to the knowledge and experience of our producers, and the richness of our
terroirs: in a glass of wine you can discover values, emotions and a creativity
that words alone cannot explain.

Our family understands these values and this creativity by having applied them
or a long time in other areas of Italian excellence, primarily in the field of fashion.
Transferring this knowledge to wine-making, by bringing life to the picturesque
setting of the “Le Corgne” estate in the form of a true boutique winery, the Andrea
Fendi Formilli winery was a natural development for us.

Today we decided to contact you because your of experience in the wine sector,
which demonstrates your professionalism and your ability to grasp market trends.
We would like to proudly introduce the fruit of our work and to invite you to try
our five labels: Le Corgne white, Le Corgne red, our merlot, our sauvignon blanc, and
our pinot noir. These wines are certainly different from each other but united by
a common feature: the influence of a special microclimate that allows them to
maintain a wide range of pure aromas, adding value and depth to already powerful